What Questions Should You Ask Your Glazing Contractor before Proceeding to Glass Replacement?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Glazing Contractor before Proceeding to Glass Replacement?

Choosing a glass contractor in Bromley is easy as there are a lot of companies that you can choose from. However, there are only few who can deliver the exact services that you need. This is the main reason why you have to prepare a few important questions before you let one company proceed to replace glass windows or doors in your home. This is one way of making sure that you can avoid getting low-quality services.

There are some who are unfamiliar with glass replacement until they end up needing one. Aside from the process itself, there are still other things that you must know regarding the service. Thus, the need to ask. Always remember that a professional contractor will gladly and politely answer all your questions. This is an obvious factor that the contractor is knowledgeable of the job and gives ideas regarding the entire procedure.

Important Questions to Ask your Glazing Contractor Bromley

You want to make sure that you’re only spending your hard earned money in a service that can deliver results. With this, it is important that you know the vital questions to ask the glazing contractor you hire in Bromley. Some of these questions are:

1. What’s your full registered name and address?

The last thing that you’d like to encounter is getting the services of a company that is not registered legally and has no complete name and address to provide. If few of your choices provided details regarding this question, it is highly recommended that you choose the one located nearby. This way, you expect the company to send the technician faster and any immediate service concerns can be addressed immediately as well.

2. Do you have insurance?

A reliable contractor carries comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. This will be your assurance that you are protected in case any accidents happen. You can simply ask the contractor for the certificates or let their insurer send you the certificates before the job starts.

3. Do you have a state or city issued the license?

Obviously, a license shows the professionalism of the contractor in taking on glass replacement and other related projects. It is necessary that you ask for this or perhaps asks for the credentials of the contractor. These can all prove the knowledge of the contractor with the job and ensure their skills in performing the job.

4. How long have you been in this business?

Though there are wonderful startup companies you can find in Bromley, anyone can say that the longer a company has been in the industry is better. Look for one that has been satisfyingly providing quality services to their clients for years now. Sometimes, asking for referrals help in finding the best glazing contractor in your area.

5. Is there a workmanship warranty?

Make sure you ask for workmanship warranty. Typically, the warranty for such jobs is for a year or more. Though longer warranties seem great, short ones are more valuable as the issues regarding the job show up quickly.

With these questions in mind, you can easily find a few companies that can help you in finding the best glazing contractor in Bromley. Call us now at 0208 629 1266 ! 

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