Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts When Picking a Bifold Door

Eccles Glazing are here to make your bifold door search more simple, which is why we’ve produced this list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to save you time. Finding the best bi-fold doors is not easy, however it will help you avoid the aggravations of the purchasing procedure: “7 Secrets Other Bi-fold Door Suppliers Won’t Tell You”


  • View the actual door you intend to purchase. Bi-folding doors can differ hugely in expense and quality, and when investing a significant amount of money on a set of doors, the last thing you desire is to be dissatisfied when they arrive. Remember, you can see our display room by reserving a showroom visit.
  • Inquire about weather condition guarantees. The current buzzword is low threshold, however we don’t know of a single folding moving door on the marketplace that provides a weather guarantee on low limits. On an external door we would recommend having a rebated limit and then sinking it a further 1cm into the flooring. This would only give you an action height of simply 1 – 1.5 cm (the thickness of your finger). The last thing you want is wind whistling in under your new set of doors come winter time.
  • Get an insurance backed guarantee. Ensure that whoever you are buying your folding patio doors from will release you with an insurance backed warranty. An insurance coverage backed warranty offers you the comfort that ought to the company go up in smoke, your warranty won’t opt for it. Insurance backed assurances are typically for 10 years and shouldn’t cost you any extra.
  • Purchase bifold doors that pass the present building regs. Structure policies are continuously upgraded, so ask if the bifold or sliding doors you want to buy pass the current regs. Also request for paperwork and certificates. Keep these safe, so when you pertain to offer your house, you can pass them onto the brand-new owner.
  • Ask for referrals from your installer. Any reputable business must be more than willing to put you in touch with past clients. At Bristol Bi-fold we are proud of the bi-folding doors we have actually set up, and love revealing them off and so do the brand-new owners of the doors.


  • Prevent bifold doors with an external track. There are some bifold doors on the market that have an external track that the doors slide along. These doors are not function constructed bi-folding doors, they have actually been adapted to make them work as bi-folds. There is a security risk here as the track can be levered off. A function developed bi-fold door needs to have all the tracks constructed into the frame.
  • Don’t purchase a door simply on rate. The old saying “you get what you spend for” could not be truer than when purchasing bi-fold doors.
  • Top Hung vs Bottom Rolling? Some suppliers will tell you that leading hung is better than bottom rolling, or bottom rolling is much better than leading hung. Do not think them. We sell both, so can honestly say, one is not much better than the other. Some companies simply utilize this as a selling method.
  • Avoid ‘drifting mullions’. We don’t advise bi-fold doors with “drifting mullions” this is an additional piece of product that goes in between each door leaf. Why would you require that extra piece? In our experience it not just looks ugly, but can and does drop, causing operation issues.
  • Don’t pay the balance of the job until the door is installed. There are some companies that want the balance paid a couple of days prior to the setup has actually occurred. If you have actually paid completely and you are not completely satisfied with your doors when they are fitted, you have less opportunity of getting a quick and satisfactory service. Pay the balance as soon as you are happy you have actually gotten what you have spent for.
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